The Old Testament Prophets part 5

Welcome join the fifth and the final semester of the course on the prophetic books of the Old Testament. 

This Old Testament Prophets class will be taught in English with Russian translation.

The first (Fall 2020), the second (Spring 2021), the third (Fall 2021), and the fourth part (Spring 2022) included introduction, Hosea, Amos, Joel, Obadiah, Jonah, Isaiah, Nahum, Micah, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, and Ezekiel.

The fifth part in this last semester of course will include the books of Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.
These latter books in the body of Old Testament prophetic literature point strongly to the both comings of the Messiah and the end times.
Knowing their message is a must for understanding the whole of the plan of God in history.

This part of the Old Testament Prophets course will bleed over Christmas to the early Spring 2023, and will end in the early February 2023.

The classes will take place on Thursdays at 18:00 Helsinki time (6 p.m.):

8.9. Introduction to Daniel
15.9. (2 classes) Daniel 1–4
22.9. (2 classes) Daniel 7
29.9. Daniel 8, 5
6.10. (2 classes) Daniel 9
13.10. Daniel 6, 10
20.10. (2 classes) Daniel 11–12
27.10. (2 classes) Haggai and Zechariah Overview and The Book of Haggai
3.11. no classes
10.11. Zechariah 1–6
17.11. (2 classes) Zechariah 7–9
24.11. Zechariah 10–11
1.12. (2 classes) Zechariah 12–14
8.12. Malachi – Introduction
15.12. Malachi – The Herald of the NC

Class times: 6–7 p.m. or 6–8 p.m. Helsinki time

Instructor is pastor Arto Nousiainen.

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